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Waste Management Facts



Every year, the UK spends £100m on clearing 300,000 fatbergs from sewer systems.


Thames water has 108,000 km sewers of which 75,000 km are cleared every year of fatbergs at a cost of £18m per year.


More than 3,000 homes are flooded in the UK each year because of fat, oil and grease blockages


Not even the small seaside town of Sidmouth managed to escape the creation of a 64-metre-long fatberg

Drain-Tech Waste Management Facts
Drain-Tech Waste Management Facts_ Fatberg

Untreated Waste Will Cause:

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Blocked lines, and grease traps

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Regular pump-out charges and disruption to businesses

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Foul odours due to sewer backup which is hazardous to health

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SSO - Sanitary Sewerage Overflows are expensive to clean up and are the responsibility of the property owner

Drain-Tech Waste Management Facts_Fat Build Up

Fat deposit build up in drains

Drain-Tech Waste Management Facts_Fat Build Up

Implications of blocked drains to your business

Drain-Tech Waste Management Facts_Cost implications
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Grease sludge can harbour pathogenic bacteria. Risk of contamination is increased.

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The disruption from drainage obstructions can be costly for your business and your reputation.

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unpleasant odours which often lead to expensive drain blockages and overflowing sinks affecting business work.

Legislations reviews

Under the Water Industry Act 1991 section 111 it is a criminal offence to discharge into the public sewers - this is any matter which may interfere with the free flow of the sewerage system.

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