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KDM 100 Grease Trap Powder

KDM 100 Grease Trap Powder
50g / 100g / 250g

KDM 100 is designed as a simple manual dose product to control the build‐up of FOG’s.

A fully water-soluble biological powder product for the degradation of fats, oils and

greases (FOG) and other types of food waste in the drain lines of food preparation



The Bacillus bacteria used in KDM 100 are specifically selected for their ability to rapidly degrade a wide variety of food wastes, including fats, oil and grease, protein, starch and fibre. 


The capabilities of these strains have also been tested under a broad range of environmental conditions to ensure they function in the field and not just in the laboratory.


  • Biodegradable Class 1, QPS Certified & compliant with EU regulations. (Safe bacteria)

  • Specific bacteria strains with high enzyme production for rapid breakdown of all food waste types

  • Strains are proven to degrade a wide range of fats, oils and grease all the way to carbon dioxide and water

  • No FOG emulsifying chemistry

  • Very high bacteria specification for maximum effectiveness in this tough environment 

  • Product bacteria form a biofilm on the inside of the pipes which offers protection against extremes of temperature and pH.

  • Effective in a wide range of pH and temperature environments

  • Designed for manual dosing

  • Performs between temperatures of 4‐45oC

  • Long product shelf‐life


  • Dose controlled application in 50 /100 /250g packets 

  • No dosing equipment required

  • Multiple drain line applications from a single product

  • Reduces the requirement and frequency of mechanical treatment to unblock drains or empty grease traps due to grease build‐up

  • Reduces blockages and flooding. 

  • Provides rapid control of bad smelling odours

  • Non‐caustic and non‐corrosive

  • Degrades food, faecal wastes, FOG and sludge.

  • Reduces the frequency of expensive pump outs

  • Cost saving

  • Improved operator safety

  • Reduce work place injuries

  • Eliminates expensive storage constraints

  • Improved transport efficiency

  • Reduced shipping costs

  • A sustainable, greener solution

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