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Drain-Tech - For the treatment of “FOG” (Fat, Oil, Grease)

DRAIN-TECH is a range of products that contain a unique blend of class 1 bacillus bacteria for the treatment of fats, oils, and grease (FOG).


Its unique foaming action provides a complete 360° coverage whilst also aerating the area being treated, prolonging the lifespan of the bacteria.

The Accumulation of “FOG” fats, oils and greases is the main cause of blockages and floods (Fat bergs) in kitchen drains and sewer lines - it is also the cause of failure in lift station operations which is the main reason for malodour.

Problems caused by the discharge of FOG are widespread and represent huge direct and indirect remedial action costs (pump-out charges).


DRAIN-TECH is designed to be used from the point of discharge through the entire drain line system right up to the sewage treatment plant.


  • Eliminate build-up of fats, oils and grease

  • Prevents costly blockages

  • Reduce the need for expensive pump-out charges

  • 360° coverage to the drain pipe

  • Eliminate malodour

  • Environmentally friendly as no toxins in waterways

Drain-Tech Logo
Drain-Tech 360 cleaning Solution

Benefits of the Drain-Tech Sustainable System

Drain-Tech Benefits Infographic

Drain-Tech Product Range

Drain-Tech Bio-Block

Bio-Block System

Drain-Tech Lift Station Block

Lift Station Block

Drain-Tech Grease Trap Powder

Grease Trap Powder

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