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San-Air Air Purifying Products
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What is San-Air?

SAN-AIR, is a 100% natural gel that evaporates into the surrounding air killing germs, mould, and bacteria on contact. This innovative gel serves as an anti-microbial and anti-fungal powerhouse, purifying and sanitising anything it touches.  Plant-based formulations kill mould and bacteria with just a single drop, as they spread quickly and efficiently throughout their environment.

SAN-AIR has provided mould, bacteria and virus solutions for the past 15 years through a comprehensive range of products using the latest in natural science technology to create products that use natural ingredients. No harsh chemicals and is all Australian made.


In partnership with SAN-AIR, BioDose are working to create a healthier and safer world by bringing you cutting-edge air purification solutions that eliminate harmful airborne germs. We strive to protect individuals from potential health hazards associated with polluted air, promoting a cleaner, more refreshing

atmosphere wherever SAN-AIR products are used.

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  • Kill mould, bacteria and Virus in the air and on surfaces

  • Prevent regrowth 

  • Increase infection control methods 

  • Provide 24/7 protection

  • Effective Against Covid-19


Air Purification - Mould Remediation - Drainage

San- Air Clean Air
San-Air Bacteria Infographic

San-Air as a Solution

SAN-AIR is a sophisticated blend of science and nature, designed to effectively control mould and bacteria in a safe manner.


Invisible airborne pathogens, including bacteria and viruses, attach themselves to dust particles and even to each other, spreading through the environment. SAN-AIR products released plant-based biostats into the environment which kill any mould, bacteria, or viruses it encounters, including coronavirus.

San-Air Bacteria Photos
San-Air Bacteria Photo
San-Air - Organic Chemistry

San-Air is a Biostat

All anti-microbial agents are classified as either BIOSTATS, BIOCIDES or VIRUCIDES. The main difference between each of these agents relates to how they destroy microbes (mould, bacteria, viruses) and the timeframe of kill.


Biocides and Virucides kill instantly. This type of violent kill releases mycotoxins from the germ which means the microbe will continue to grow in an alternative location.


Note: All CHEMICAL anti-microbial

agents are classified as either a



Biostats kill microbes by enveloping them on contact, starving them of oxygen.


With this method, no mycotoxins are released into the environment and therefore the spread of microbes

stops at the point of contact

with San-Air.


San-Air and Mould

San-Air - Mould Infographic
  • Mould travels in the air independently or on particles, such as dust.

  • As it travels, it continues to release spores.

  • SAN-AIR surrounds mould.

  • Mould and spores are blocked from receiving oxygen.

  • Mould and spores die without leaving any mycotoxins.

San_Air Mould Information

San-Air and Bacteria

San-Air Bacteria Infographic
  • Bacteria travel in the air on particles, such as dust.

  • It reproduces by splitting to form more bacteria.

  • SAN-AIR surrounds the bacteria and disrupts its membrane.

  • The membrane is unable to reform, stopping the bacteria’s ability to reproduce.

San-Air Bacteria Information
San-Air Virus Information

San-Air and Viruses

San-Air Virus Infographic
  • Viruses need to attach to a host, such as bacteria, in order to survive.

  • Once they attach, the virus is able to multiply.

  • SAN-AIR surrounds the virus and stops it from being able to attach to a host.

  • This causes the virus to die off naturally.

Why Use San-Air?

San-Air Features and Benefits


San-Air Applications
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