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Drain-Tech Bio-Block

Bio-Block System

The Drain-Tech Bio-Block system contains a combination of bacteria and cleaning detergent which, when dispensed daily into the drain system via the Drain-Tech dispsenser will start to digest the organic materials in waste water consequently reducing the risk of drain line blockages due to FOG

A ​360° Cleaning solution for drains and grease traps - specifically formulated for the treatment of FOG - fats, oils and grease.

  • Sustainable solution as completely plastic free

  • Non-hazardous (in use)

  • Lasts 3 months - 1.5kg block is equivalent to 25 litres of other bacteria drain products

  • One dose will treat 8-10 metres of pipework - 40x more than other peristaltic systems

  • Eliminates bad smelling odours

  • Biodegradable Class 1, QPS Certified & compliant with EU regulations. (Safe bacteria)

  • Environmentally friendly

  • No risks of spills or splashes

  • Degrades food, faecal wastes, FOG and sludge.

  • Reduces the frequency of expensive pump outs

  • Improved operator safety

  • Reduce work place injuries

  • Eliminates expensive storage constraints

  • Improved transport efficiency

  • Reduced shipping costs

  • A sustainable, greener solution

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