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Drain-Tech Lift Station Block

Lift Station Block

The Drain-Tech Lift Station Block is a static soluble drain detergent block that works both manually and biologically to degrade and help eliminate FOG in drainage and sewer lines, leaving no residue for disposal. Designed to be used from point of discharge, through the entire drain line system, our product will fully dissolve within 4 - 12 weeks, in line with common commercial inspection cycles.

Working together with nature, the Drain-Tech Lift Station Block is specifically formulated using specific ingredients and bacterial consortia to ensure a slow and even release of actives, even when submerged in water.


Our technology efficiently ensures that the force of fast flowing effluent does not overdose the system or reduce the product life span.


The bacteria in the Drain-Tech Lift Station Block are capable of degrading FOG at the very low dissolved oxygen concentrations encountered in almost all drain line applications.

  • Sustainable solution as completely plastic free

  • Non-hazardous (in use)

  • 24 hr continuous operation

  • Lasts 4-12 weeks

  • Eliminates bad smelling odours

  • Biodegradable Class 1, QPS Certified & compliant with EU regulations. (Safe bacteria)

  • Environmentally friendly

  • No risks of spills or splashes

  • Degrades food, faecal wastes, FOG and sludge.

  • Reduces the frequency of expensive pump outs

  • Can reduce BOD/COD and TSS 

  • Easily placed at any height in the system 

  • Easy to install - no power required 

  • A sustainable, greener solution

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