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CleanPacs Cleaning
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Why Choose CleanPacs?

To deliver a safe, sustainable product eliminate waste and prevent plastic from ending up in landfills and oceans

Over the last 9 years, CleanPacs have prevented over 12 million bottles, the equivalent of 1,000,000 Kg of plastic waste with big-box retail kits alone.

  • Green Seal and Safer Choice certified formulations

  • Biodegradable and phosphate-free

  • No excessive packaging materials

  • Less weight means decreased emissions

  • 50% savings in chemicals

  • 90% reduction in landfill waste

  • Lower carbon footprint

Manage Inventory and Save Money

CleanPacns Infographic Portion Control


Each Pac is designed specifically for the application

Bottle Fill - Bucket Fill - Auto-scrubbers


INVENTORY CONTROL allows you to measure the process. Deviation in the process uncovers cleaning process issues  


Flexible bespoke packaging allows you to accurately measure and manage your chemical budget

See It For Yourself

Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 10.17.47.png


CleanPacs Space Saving
CleanPacs Mop bucket
CleanPacs Auto Scubber
CleanPacs Spray mop
CleanPacs Multi-use

Pac Sizes

CleanPacs £1 coin

1 pound coin in size comparison to Pacs

CleanPacs Sizes

1 Trigger Spray  (6ml)

1 Trigger Spray  (4ml)

1 Trigger Spray of
Disinfectant (12ml) 

1 mop bucket
or scrubbing machine
(15ml and 22ml)

1 Trigger Spray  (3ml)

1 full hand soap
Dispenser (20ml)

Industry Leader

CleanPacs are the industry leader in 100% dissolvable concentrated liquid chemical packs with over 28 products available.


Focused on innovation in the cleaning industry, the products and formulations offer significant cost savings to customers along with providing an eco-friendly and sustainable cleaning solution, reducing our customer's carbon footprint.


Our reusable bottles combined with our dissolvable ChemPacs have already prevented millions of plastic bottles from entering landfills, and our dedicated team works hard every day to continue that trend.


Our mission is to make cleaning more sustainable and keep people and businesses safe, clean, and happy.


Our team of industry professionals has a combined experience of 100+ years. We continue to innovate and develop product formulations to not only exceed customer satisfaction but to affirm our dedication to improving the world around us.

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