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San-Air Bacteria Testing Kit


Discover the presence of bacteria or mold contamination in your indoor environment with our easy-to-use DIY test kit. This kit enables you to assess the concentration of mold within your home and pinpoint areas of concern.


The test unfolds over five days, and upon completion, refer to the accompanying chart to asses whether your home exhibits low, medium, or high levels of mould.


  • 1 test kit per specific area to be tested. That is, if two areas in a single room need to be tested then a 2-pack test kit is required. 

  • The more spot tests done with the test kit the greater chance of determining the best cause of why the mould or bacteria problem is occurring. 

  • To give you further guidance, determine which of the following is closest to your situation and use the test kit number recommended.

    1. There is a particular area that I want to test

      • If it is only one spot get the SAN-AIR Test kit two pack.  Use one test kit then clean the area and a month later use the second test kit to see if the spot has remained clean.

    2. I want to test both the air from my air-conditioner and a couple of rooms where I suspect the problem is.

      • In this situation, a test kit for the air outlet from one of the air vents and 3 test kits for various room sampling.  Get the SAN-AIR 4  pack test kit. Once you have identified the problem area you may want to buy an additional Test kit to sample the cleaned areas a month or two after you completed the clean.

    3. I think I have a problem spreading through my home and I want to determine where it’s all stemming from.

      • This would seem a larger problem.  Multiple areas of the interior should be tested.  We suggest that you order the SAN-AIR 10 pack test kit.


It is a simple 4 step process:

  1. Take the tabbed piece out of the casing. (Keep the casing, you will need it again to complete the test)

  2. Gather a sample - Press the sides of the dip slide of the tabbed piece on the surface or material you wish to measure for mould up to 1 minute. Then place the tabbed piece back into the casing and back into the box that it came in.

  3. Check each day for the next 5 days - Place on a window sill that gets sunlight. If you have mould or bacteria, you will see spots starting to form that look red or furry. The longer it takes, usually means the lower the problem in your home.

  4. Read the results - We give you an easy-to-use chart to judge the result yourself. Once you see mould or bacteria growing, use the given chart to measure the extent of the growth and severity of the problem.


Once identified you can proceed to remove the problem; check out the SAN-AIR range of AIR purification products and complimentary range of SURFACE sanitising products.

Note: Each individual casing and tab can only be used once, for a single measurement.

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