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San-Air Household / Commercial Disinfectant


Introducing SAN-AIR's cutting-edge microbial control technology with the all-new V3R formulation designed for surface disinfection. This remarkable innovation boasts a range of exceptional features, making it the go-to solution for keeping your environment safe and clean. It effectively disinfects surfaces, taking on mold, bacteria, and proving highly effective against the formidable SARS-CoV-2 virus.


It can be used confidently around children, pregnant women, babies, and even pets, thanks to its 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. Plus, it's not just safe for you but also for the planet, being 100% biodegradable.


With rigorous independent testing to back its claims, SAN-AIR V3R formulation is your trusted partner in maintaining a healthy and germ-free space.


  • Highly effective formula: SAN-AIR Household Disinfectant quickly and effectively Disinfects all surfaces

  • Independently tested and confirmed to remove 99.99% of Surface mould and Bacteria, including SARS-CoV-2

  • Environmentally friendly: Made from natural ingredients that are safe for use around both people and pets. It contains no harsh chemicals or toxic substances.

  • Convenient to use: ready made solution that is wiped over affected area

  • Cost-effective: offers a cost-effective solution to bacteria growth, saving you time and money in the long run.

  • Household Disinfectant any surface of mould without any toxic chemicals.  Simply spray onto any surface leave 15 minutes then wipe away.

  • 100% biodegradable.

  • Independently tested

  • TGA listed ARTG 341853


  1. Wear protective gear to safeguard the user from germs

  2. Apply on surface, then wait for 10 minutes and then wipe with a clean cloth

  3. Repeat action if necessary

  4. Change cloths frequently to avoid recontamination

  5. When surface is visibly clean, apply again lightly and leave to air dry

  6. Do not mix with detergents or other chemicals.

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