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San-Air V3R Personal Space Sanitiser

V3R Personal Space Sanitiser Pen 10ml

The San-Air Personal Space Santitiser is the perfect companion when out in public areas and for sanitising equipment, including head gear in the work place.

Simply spray over your head and face to protect yourself from airborne bacteria and viruses.

SAN-AIR  effectively eliminates mould and bacteria at their source. What sets our product apart from other mould and bacteria killers is its long-lasting effects. Once placed, the gel continues to provide protection 24/7 against future growth for up to 3 months, providing sustained and reliable protection to your environment.


  • Highly effective formula: SAN-AIR Personal Space Sanitiser will protect you from bacteria and viruses when in public areas

  • Easy to use: Simply spray over head and face or surfaces you are using

  • The SAN-AIR formula evaporates into the air effectively killing the bacteria at source

  • Environmentally friendly: Made from natural ingredients that are safe for use around both people and pets. It contains no harsh chemicals or toxic substances.

  • Versatile: Our SAN-AIR Personal Space Sanitiser can be used anywhere any time

  • Convenient size: easily fits into a handbag or pocket

  • Cost-effective: Our product offers a cost-effective solution to protect you

Where do you place it?

Simply spray over head and face

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