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Introducing San-Air: Elevate Your Indoor Environment Naturally

San-Air is a specialised range of natural products designed for air purification, mould remediation, and drainage solutions.

🔬Scientific Breakthrough in Organic Chemistry: 100% Plant-Based Gel with Patented Delivery System

The revolutionary organic gel provides 24/7 protection, thanks to its advanced technology. It evaporates into indoor air, killing airborne matter on contact, including bacteria, mould, and viruses (including Covid-19).

Independently Tested, Validated, and Proven: Your Trusted Defence

San-Air products are your cost-effective, high-performance solution to reduce infection risks. Elevate sanitisation levels, and create mould-free spaces in indoor public spaces, offices, businesses, and homes.

Key Benefits:

  • 🌐 Increases infection control methods

  • 🦠 Kills mould, bacteria, and viruses, including Covid-19

  • 👥 Lowers workforce sickness rates

  • ❄️ Keeps air-conditioning units bacteria-free

  • 🌱 Kills mould at the root, preventing re-growth

  • 🌀 Maintains bacteria-free refrigeration drain systems

  • 🌿 100% Plant-Based with a Patented Delivery System

Join the green revolution! San-Air is committed to sustainability and innovation.

For more information: San-Air Brochure

Ready to transform your indoor environment? Contact us at BioDose, your Sustainable Solutions Company, for more information. 🌍💚


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