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Biodose Urinal Pucks - For the treatment of scale build-up, flooding and malodour in urinals

50 x 30g pucks to a container

The Biodose biological urinal pucks are to be used in toilet urinals or troughs for the treatment of scale build-up, flooding and malodour.


Technical Description

The Biodose Urinal Pucks contain a high count of bacteria specially selected to treat and breakdown the volatile malodour causing molecules in urinal systems.


These bacteria will also breakdown the uric acid and make it more soluble in water, thus slowing down the build-up of deposits and allowing them to be flushed through the system more easily. This assists in reducing blockages, flooding and malodour.


Additionally, the formulation contains a biochemical scale inhibitor and biodegradable cleaners to facilitate soil and debris removal.


Product Preparation

  • Place the pucks approximately 50cm apart in a trough or singly in a urinal. Once the pucks are placed blockages will occur less frequently leading to cost savings.

  •  Replace the pucks when they have significantly reduced in size (by 90%) or lost their colour or fragrance.

  •  During normal use, each puck will last 30-60 days.


  • Small convenient puck shape

  • Reduces blockages and floods

  • Controls malodour

  • Compatible with all types of sanitary ware

  • Cost effective

  • Easy to store and use

  • Contains bacteria capable of breaking down urine waste and a scale inhibitor

  • Long lasting

  • Does not contain PDCB or other harmful chemicals or biocides

  • Biodegradeable


1.5kg Total - Approximately 50 x 30g pucks to a container

Optimum conditions for use

The bacteria in BIOSEPT perform within a pH range of between 5.5 and 8.5, with optimum activity near a pH of 7.0. Temperature affects the growth rate of the bacterial population and activity improves with a temperature of between 25°C and 35°C. No appreciable activity can be expected below 5°C and above 55°

Storage and handling

·      Store in a dry place at room temperature.

·      Avoid excessive inhalation.

·      Avoid eye contact.

·      Wash hands thoroughly with warm, soapy water after handling.

The information provided in this Product Data Sheet is accurate at the date of issue and should be used for indicative purposes only. Please refer to your Company Representative for specific User instructions as to how these relate to your usage requirements. Please note that Biodose Ltd is not liable for claims, damages, costs or expenses of any kind arising from the mishandling of the product or changes that might occur during the handling, storage and application conditions provided by any third party who does not follow the minimum requirements defined in the SDS. Please refer to the SDS for further information regarding the handling, storage and application procedures for the product.

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