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Biodose Block - For the treatment of “FOG” (Fats, Oils and greases)

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The Accumulation of “FOG” fats, oils and greases is the main cause of blockages and floods (Fatbergs) in kitchen drain and sewer lines. It is also the cause of failure in lift stations, wet well operations, and the main reason for malodour.


Problems caused by the discharge of FOG are widespread and represent huge direct and indirect remedial action costs. (Pump-out charges).


Biodose Block is one of a number of solutions offered by Biodose Ltd to mitigate these issues.


The product is designed to be used from point of discharge through the entire drain line system right up to the sewage treatment plant.


One 1.5kg block will last 3 months at normal dose rates and can be dispensed via the Biodose Dissolver into the main drain system normally in the early hours of the morning.


The bacteria in Biodose Block is capable of degrading FOG at the very low dissolved oxygen concentrations encountered in almost all drain line applications.

For more information on waste management, please click here: WASTE MANAGEMENT

Why do we need Biodose Block?

Benefits of the Biodose Sustainable System

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How Biodose Block Works

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